Waterproof Butyl Tapes

Short Description:

Type: Building Sealing Material
Ceiling Tile Shape: Roll
Material: Butyl
Thickness: 1mm,1.2mm,1.5mm
Width: 5cm-100cm (customize)
Ceiling Tile Type: Butyl Glue
Surface Treatment: Film Coated
Production Capacity: 10000000m2/ Mon
Certification: ISO, MSDS

Product Detail

Product Tags

Anti Water

Anti Corrossion

Anti Rusty

Anti Impact

Anti Slip

Anti Abrasion


Strong Adhesive

The aluminum foil adhesive tape adopts high polymer synthesis butyl glue, which owns strong adhesive ability.The aluminum foil adhesive tape can stick on all kinds of surface, including glass, cement ground, tile, wood in water and so on.


The aluminum foil adhesive tape adopts the thickened aluminum film, which owns good wear resistance and anti-aging ability. The aluminum foil adhesive tape even is not afraid of the knife scratches.

Flame Retardant

The pure aluminum surface of the aluminum foil adhesive tape can be resistant under high temperature. The aluminum foil adhesive tape has good flame retardant ability and corrosion resistance to ensure the safety.

Low Temperature Resistant

The aluminum foil adhesive tape still has good adhesive ability under low temperature situation. In -40 Celsius, it will not get brittle; in -30 Celsius, it can be normally used in construction.

High Elongation Ability

The aluminum foil adhesive tape has high elongation ability, which will not stick on your hand during the installation process, eco-friendly and clear.

Sun Protection

The aluminum foil adhesive tape with aluminum material has good sun protection, which can keep its under space more cool than the outside.


Excellent water resistance under pressure and ozone resistance.

Easy Operation

The aluminum foil adhesive tape is easy to operate. Clean the aim surface and cut the suitable tape size. Stick the aluminum foil adhesive tape on it and press the tape, no other tools requirement in the whole process.


Waterproof tape is rigid and flexible with high flexibility and elongation.

Inferior modified asphalt, thick and useless, a tear is rotten, a break.

Waterproof butyl tape with thickened metal grid aluminum durable.

Inferior waterproof material, poor physical performance one aging fast, can only be repeatedly repaired.

Waterproof butyl tape adopts high quality butyle adhesive and is suitable for various dry base surfaces.

Modified asphalt coil viscosity is poor, has not been attached to the casual tear.

Good Quality Visible

Wear Resistant To Scratch, Longer Life

Resistant To High And Low Temperature, Not Easy To Crack Aging

Long Time Immersion In Water, Tearing Adhesive Force Is Still Strong

Outer Aluminum Film, Reduce Heat Absorption

Scope Of Use

Theatre of communication cables, production and maintenance of terminal and intermediate connections of power cables;Base station, antenna, ground wire and other joints waterproof seal.

Waterproof insulation of overhead insulated wire.

Tunnel, tunnel, subway, box culvert, bridge, shipping industry waterproof seal protection.
Power station, drainage ditch, pressure control channel, upper water pipe.

The structural joints between underground buildings and buildings, and the structural joints between existing building parts.

Between the steel structure building steel plate and between steel plate and sun plate, between steel plate and concrete, metal pipeline corrosion protection.


Building crack

Color steel tile roof

Glazed tile seam

Sun room seam

Pipe crack

Window sill leakage

Pool repair

Car repair

Container patching

Kitchen sink

Technical Data

Brand Global coating
Type Single-sided butyl tape Materials: Aluminum foil+butyl sealant
Thickness 1mm,1.2mm, 1.5mm
Width 5cm-100cm (customize)
Length 3m,5m,10m ,
Butyl colors White and yellow
Standard JC/T942-2004
Storage It should be stored in dry and ventilated environment, to avoid being stored at above 45 ºC temperature for a long time.


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