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What is water-based epoxy?
Water-borne epoxy is a kind of homogeneous material which is formed by different hydration ways of epoxy resin. Unlike ordinary epoxies, it can be dispersed uniformly in the aqueous phase.
Composition: Epoxy resin, waterborne epoxy curing agent, water.
Mode of action: emulsification.

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Anti Water

Anti Corrossion

Anti Rusty

Anti Impact

Anti Slip

Anti Abrasion

Product Details

1. All kinds of long-term wet ground, such as basement, underground parking lot, garage, etc.
2. Various factories and warehouses, ground floor without moisture proof layer.
3. It is used for floors requiring strong abrasion resistance and impact resistance, especially for floors requiring forklifts, cars and heavy trolleys.
1. Complete water-based system, healthy environment, easy to clean and scrub, acid-alkali resistant, mildew-proof and anti-bacterial.
2. Micro-breathable structure, resistant to underground water vapor, easy construction, seamless dust control.
3. Hard coating, abrasion resistance, suitable for medium load.
4. Soft luster, beautiful and bright.
Construction Technology:
1. Construction preparation
1) material: water-based epoxy floor coating, such as base coating, middle coating, surface coating and other related materials
2) tools: substrate grinding tools, vacuum cleaner, batch repair scraper, roller, small agitator, etc.
2. Construction steps
1) plain treatment: polish, repair, remove dust and remove water in accordance with plain conditions.
2) water-based base coating: after the base surface is cleaned, the base coating can be applied. use roller or brush the base coating should be uniform with the same thickness. The water-based base coating has a certain water permeability , which can enhance the strength of the base surface and increase the adhesion of the coating to the base surface.
3) water-based mortar layer: a certain amount of quartz sand is added into the prepared water-based epoxy middle coating to make the water-based epoxy mortar, which is uniformly coated with a trowel to enhance the thickness and compressive strength of the coating.
4) waterborne putty layer: apply epoxy middle coating and quartz powder to be the waterborne putty layer, put several layers according to actual needs, so as to level off without holes.
5) water-based surface coating: coat the water-based epoxy surface floor coating twice with a roller. After completion, the overall surface shall be soft and clean with uniform color and no empty drums.
6) Conservation: the surface layer needs to be dried for 24 hours, during which it should be closed to avoid affecting the effect of clean and smooth surface. It can be manned after 3 days and put into use after 7 days of completion and maintenance (subject to 25 degrees Celsius, the opening time shall be moderately extended at low temperature).

Technical data:

Tese items  Technical indicator Test result
State of coating uniform no hard mass qualified
Coating appearance Flat and smooth qualified
Dry time Surface dry (25ºC) ≤4h 1h 30min
Real dry (25ºC) ≤24h 19h
Wear resistance(750g/500r),g ≤0.04 0.0014
Adhesion (grade) ≤1 1
Hardness (pendulum method) ≥0.6 0.79
Luster degree ( % ) ≥30 42
Resistance to impact 40kg/cm,No crack, wrinkle or peeling 50kg/cm,No crack, wrinkle or peeling
The pressure resistance ≥80 85
Resistance to water 96h No abnormality qualified
Alkali resistance(10%NaOH) 96h No abnormality qualified
Resistant to salt water
96h No abnormality qualified


Advantages of waterborne epoxy floor coatings:
1. Good environmental performance. No organic solvents or volatile organic compounds, low content, will not cause air pollution, and therefore meet the current environmental protection requirements.
2. Strong adaptability. Good adhesion to most substrates, even wet substrates have good adhesion. The cured film has good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and abrasion resistance. Good resistance to mold and bacteria.
3. Good operation performance. Construction tools can be directly cleaned with water, can be reused, coating preparation and construction safety and convenience.
4. Good comprehensive performance. The cured film not only has soft luster, beautiful and bright appearance, but also has good air permeability and comprehensive performance.
Why choose waterborne epoxy floor coating?
It's really waterborne. Water as a dispersing medium, no smell, no pollution, storage, transportation and use of the process are in line with the national environmental protection requirements.
Application of floor coating:
1. It is applicable to the electronic, electrical and microelectronic industries that require high cleanliness, beauty, dust-free and sterility, pharmaceutical industries that implement GMP standard, as well as the ground and wall decoration of schools, offices and families.
2. Especially suitable for the construction of relatively damp ground and wall, such as basement, garage, etc
3. Suitable for airtight and unventilated construction sites.

Primer /middle paint all with 25kg/barrel
Top  paint with 20kg/barrel


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