Polyurea floor: what are the advantages of defeating many floors and becoming a new favorite in the floor industry?

Epoxy floor, wear-resistant floor, solidified floor These are our common floor types.

However, in recent years, polyurea flooring began to enter our vision, beat other flooring, and became a new favorite in the flooring industry. It has been widely used in engineering fields such as wear resistance, anti-corrosion and waterproof.

So, what on earth can it beat other floors and become a new favorite in the floor industry? Now let’s analyze its advantages!

Wear resistance and impact resistance

The impact resistance of polyurethane floor is longer than that of traditional polyurethane floor.


Elastic and anti-skid effect

Polyurea material is very tough. Its surface can be made into anti slip surface, which has more anti-skid effect than ordinary floors. Moreover, it can flexibly face the effective buffer of impact and provide effective protection for walking safety.


Noise reduction and silencing function

The high elastic ground can effectively reduce the noise generated by the collision between the sole and the ground, reduce the footsteps, especially the interference of the hard sole to the environment when walking, and keep the environment quiet.


Environmental protection and safety

Polyurea material is non-toxic and tasteless. It is a green environmental protection material. The material contains unique antibacterial components, which can effectively resist the growth of common bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, and effectively upgrade the level of public health.


Good decorative effect

The wear-resistant layer of polyurea floor is the color layer. A simple process can achieve seamless effect, and can draw various creative patterns. It is fashionable and beautiful and has excellent decorative effect.


Low comprehensive cost

The polyurea floor is one-piece seamless coating, which is firmly bonded with the cement foundation directly. The elastic layer is self leveling, one-piece seamless forming, colorful and moisture-proof. There is no need to find an equal process for coiled materials and sheets through self leveling cement, which saves the construction cost.


Simple construction

The construction process of polyurea floor is simple, and the curing of polyurea material is relatively fast. After technical polishing, it can be completed only by simple scraping and rolling coating process. The construction cycle is short, and it can be put into use after short maintenance after construction.

Seeing that polyurea floor has so many excellent properties, it is entirely reasonable to believe that polyurea floor can defeat many floors and become the darling of the floor industry.

Post time: Mar-17-2022