Polyurea anticorrosion

In the process of using polyurea spraying equipment, there will be various problems, both for the reasons of the equipment itself and because the manufacturer does not pay enough attention to the construction technology.

Through the analysis of the equipment, it can be clear how many failure modes there are in the spraying production equipment, which parts have what failure modes, what failure frequency is, what consequences will be caused after the failure, what control measures will be taken for these failures, polyurea anti-corrosion coating, and whether the control measures are effective can be evaluated. To ensure the normal operation of on-site production equipment, eliminate equipment faults and reduce shutdown losses.

When using polyurea spraying machine to spray paint in the paint booth, fireworks are strictly prohibited, and the fire prevention equipment in the paint spraying area shall be effective enough. The pool surface of the spray booth shall be kept 20mm below the upper edge of the foam baffle. If it is insufficient, it shall be supplemented in time. Dust and foreign matters shall not be mixed into the coating to ensure that the coating nozzle is unblocked and avoid blockage. After the operation, the spray gun, paint supply barrel and paint falling in the spraying room shall be cleaned, and the paint skin floating on the water surface and paint blocks submerged in the water shall be salvaged regularly. After cleaning, the spray gun nozzle shall be coated with Vaseline ointment, and the nozzle shall be removed and soaked in solvent.

The most basic characteristics of polyurea coating are waterproof, anti-corrosion and wear resistance. What are the reasons for the poor spraying quality in construction?

1. Influence of polyurea coating quality:

The reasons for the poor quality of polyurea coatings account for a large proportion. The main problems of some low-quality polyurea coatings are unstable quality, polyurea anti-corrosion manufacturers, low film-forming strength, polyurea anti-corrosion price, rough appearance, poor adaptability to the construction environment (such as low temperature and relative humidity), easy to produce bubbles, heavy pungent smell during spraying, etc.

2. Importance of polyurea spraying construction technology:

Although polyurea spraying technology is a special new process, it still needs to be based on reliable coating technology. Some engineering accidents are entirely caused by the lack of basic coating technology. After all, spraying polyurea has its very special technical requirements, such as the influence of air temperature on material balance, special requirements for grass-roots state, identification of raw material quality, accurate control of some process parameters, etc. only traditional coating technology is far from enough, and professional training and learning of spraying personnel are also needed.

At present, the environmental protection industry has become a hot spot in the market, among which the sewage treatment plant is a very important aspect, and the corresponding anti-corrosion coatings are emerging in endlessly. In the fierce market competition, the anti-corrosion coatings of sewage treatment plant are not afraid to face the challenge, and speak with cases.

At present, there are epoxy coatings, acid resistant bricks and other anti-corrosion products on the market, with complex construction technology and high comprehensive cost. The polyurea anticorrosive coating of sewage treatment plant can adopt the construction method of spraying or brushing, which is convenient for construction. At the same time, polyurea anticorrosive coating has outstanding performance, good film adhesion, good acid resistance and high temperature resistance. In the face of complex and harsh corrosive environment, polyurea anti-corrosion and polyurea anti-corrosion coatings are also not afraid to fight。

The special coating effect of polyurea anticorrosive coating is not groundless, but based on customer application cases. At present, many manufacturers have applied polyurea anti-corrosion coatings, and many customers have said that the application effect is good.


Post time: Mar-17-2022