Is transparent waterproof glue poisonous

Is transparent waterproof glue poisonous? How can we buy more environmentally friendly transparent waterproof glue?

Two component transparent waterproof polyurea can be said to be a kind of waterproof material often seen in waterproof repair. Its most prominent feature is that it can play the role of transparent waterproof on the surface of ceramic tile without knocking off the ceramic tile. Compared with the previous method of knocking off the ceramic tile and making waterproof again, it saves a lot of cost and quantities. It is mainly used for waterproof and leakage repair on the surface of ceramic tiles such as toilet, kitchen, balcony, terrace and roof. However, some people will doubt that after using waterproof glue, the smell of waterproof glue is relatively large, will it be toxic? How can we buy more environmentally friendly waterproof glue?

Is waterproof glue poisonous?

Two component transparent waterproof polyurea is a kind of transparent waterproof adhesive with strong adhesion, water resistance and wear resistance successfully developed by the company after years of research: two component transparent waterproof polyurea. Two component weather resistant polyurea waterproof coating is a kind of polyaspartate polyurea coating. The paint film does not contain photochromic and chromogenic groups. It can completely avoid the disadvantages of aromatic isocyanate polymers that are not resistant to ultraviolet rays and easy to yellowing. It is a new type of aliphatic, slow curing and high-performance coating. It overcomes the defect that the traditional toilet waterproof coating can not be painted on the toilet surface. The most distinctive advantage is that it can be constructed without smashing bricks. It has the characteristics of wide use, excellent performance and convenient use. It is the bane of toilet leakage and has been recognized and recommended by the majority of owners, experts and scholars.


How to buy more environmentally friendly transparent waterproof glue?

1. Look at brand awareness

The transparent waterproof glue with high brand awareness can not be obtained immediately, but is recognized by consumers through accumulation over time. The raw material source channel of big brands is formal, the production process is scientific and cautious, and the packaging is tight and thoughtful, which ensures the quality and durability of products. If the budget is not enough to support the purchase of high-end brands, we should also ensure the regularity of manufacturers.

2. See the composition of transparent waterproof glue

The second thing to pay attention to when purchasing transparent waterproof glue is the composition of waterproof glue. Recently, the new non-toxic waterproof glue has attracted the attention of consumers. Because of its strong environmental protection, it will not harm the health of workers and residents, and quickly occupy the market.

3. Look at the production date

When purchasing transparent waterproof adhesive, you should pay attention to check its production date and shelf life. Generally, the transparent waterproof glue shall be stored in a cool place with a shelf life of less than 1 year. If it is the waterproof glue left after opening, the shelf life shall be shortened.

4. Look at the selling price

It is not normal for the price to be too high or too low. There is no need to blindly pursue high prices when purchasing high-quality waterproof glue. High quality and cheap waterproof glue is the best choice for consumers.

Post time: Mar-29-2022