Cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof coating

Short Description:

Cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof coating is a kind of powdery rigid waterproof material made of special cement, quartz sand and other materials. After the action with water, the active chemical substance in the material permeates into the concrete through the carrier water, forming an insoluble crystal in the concrete and blocking the capillary channel, thus making the concrete compact and waterproof.

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Anti Water

Anti Corrossion

Anti Rusty

Anti Impact

Anti Slip

Anti Abrasion

Product Details

Inorganic material, a waterproof system that never fails.

Long term tolerance to high water pressure - up to 300 m head.

Self-healing properties, can self-heal 0.4mm concrete cracks.

The construction performance of backwater surface is excellent, solving the problem of a large number of basement leakage.

Non-toxic, environmental protection, corrosion, acid and alkali resistant, can improve the strength of concrete.

No leveling layer and protective layer is needed to save the construction period, speed up the project progress and reduce the construction cost greatly. When other waterproofing systems fail, they can continue to work with osmotic function, which can permeate the concrete through chemical reaction to produce crystals inside the concrete and plug the capillary holes of the concrete.

Technical data:


Test item

Performance indexes



Uniform, non-caking


Water content/%



Fineness, 0,63mm sieve residue/%



Chloride ion content/%



Total alkali content/%

Report measured value


compression strength(MPa)




rupture strength(MPa) 


Range of application:

It is used for waterproof construction of tunnel, underground continuous wall, cable tunnel, underground culvert, underground garage of industrial and civil building, bath and toilet room, reservoir, pool, swimming pool, elevator well, etc. Construction of structural cracking (micro-cracking), water seepage point and hole plugging, and maintenance of concrete facilities. Concrete structure and cement mortar, etc.

Construction procedure:

The substrate must be completely solidified, intact and free of dust, and free of floating slurry, oil, grease, film remover and other impurities that may affect the waterproof effect. Before construction, use clear water to fully wet the concrete base surface (no bright water is allowed during the construction of the base surface), which can accelerate the chemical reaction between the special active chemicals in the product and the substances in the concrete, and at the same time improve the bond between the waterproof material and the base surface.

Mix the powder with clean water strictly according to the water cement ratio according to the specific construction method. Let the mixture rest for 5 minutes and mix slightly. Mix stirring materials thoroughly and evenly, which is the guarantee of construction quality.

When brush construction, in cracks, gaps, rough surface and other details of the structure, to brush carefully. With hard bristle brush or other painting tools, apply the mixed permeable crystal waterproof coating on the base surface evenly. The direction of the coating should be uniform and free of potholes, and the coating amount should be 1.0~1.5kg/ m2. After the first layer is dried, the second layer should be painted. Water should be used to wet the first layer before brushing the second layer. The coating direction of the second layer should be perpendicular to the direction of the first layer. Apply slurry to the base surface with batcher. Apply according to the dosage of 1.2~1.5kg/ m2. Dry sprinkling construction is mainly used in the construction before concrete pouring or after concrete pouring compacted roller leveling and no hardening, which has certain limitations. During the period of dry casting, the construction must be carried out before the initial setting of the concrete. The powders should be evenly spread on the wet concrete surface with the dosage of 1.2~1.5kg/ m2, and then compacted and polished timely. Check if there is any bad working place after final setting and repair it in time. In case of insolation, sprinkling should be maintained. Be sure to spray evenly.

Proper curing is essential to ensure the durability and quality of the mortar layer. In order to prevent cracks and powdering on the coating surface, the waterproof coating should be kept moist. Once the waterproof coating begins to solidify after construction, it needs to be maintained. Spray water on the waterproof coating three to four times a day. Rain, sand, sewage and frost must be prevented within two days after construction. For concrete components that need to be filled with liquid, they can only be used after three days of maintenance and for another two weeks.


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